The Future of Floor Cleaning – Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

The big news on the floor cleaning industry is the autonomous floor scrubbers. These floor scrubbers are very easy to use, and allow you to save time and money by automating the floor cleaning process. An autonomous floor cleaner, as the name suggests, does not require an operator as the other conventional models, they are able to simply send a text message when the work is completed!

Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

Autonomous floor scrubbers are technologically advanced with security systems that guarantee the health of your staff. They are completely autonomous and increase staff productivity. While the autonomous machines work, the staff are able to do other cleaning duties – such as cleaning windows and wiping surfaces.

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If you think these floor scrubbers are not able to clean corners and small spaces, they are! They can be even more precise than the operators. It is hard to believe, but true. It is common that 15 percent of the cleaning area is missed by the operators. However, with the new autonomous models available in the market, you can avoid that problem as they are up to 99% more accurate with the coverage area.

The autonomous floor scrubbers don’t require a technician or engineer to be used. The path to be cleaned only needs entered into the machine, and the work begins! Some models of autonomous scrubbers offer the option to be set up with an operator guiding the machine throughout the area; or, if a wide open space, you can simply trace the area. For those who will need more time to adapt to all that technology, they can always use the manual mode, with an operator – as a regular automatic floor scrubber

In conclusion, these machines’ effectiveness allows them to clean even very small slits on the floor, becoming a hygienic method to sanitize and disinfect floor surfaces. They are considered hygienic also because they dry the floor right after scrubbing, in one simple pass. For that reason, they are a good option for high traffic facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals and health centers, convention centers, etc.

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