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Sweep Before you Scrub for Maximum Floor Scrubbing Performance

Floor sweepers are very helpful in many industrial environments as they quickly and efficiently clean floors, make the workplace safe, and control dust, which helps maintain air quality. Also, industrial floor sweepers are often necessary to keep your business compliant with OSHA standards. However, only

Reasons to Consider Buying Used & Refurbished Floor Scrubbers

Purchasing automated floor cleaning equipment can be a significant investment, however clean floors are an essential practice for every business. Not only is it important to maintain a clean and safe workplace environment, you also want to achieve a positive visitor/guest experience.Thankfully, with options like

The Future of Floor Cleaning – Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

The big news on the floor cleaning industry is the autonomous floor scrubbers. These floor scrubbers are very easy to use, and allow you to save time and money by automating the floor cleaning process. An autonomous floor cleaner, as the name suggests, does not

The History & Future of Floor Cleaning Machines

Electric floor cleaning machines were first introduced in the marketback in the 1900s. They came out to improve the time, laborious effort &results in the floor scrubbing/cleaning process. At that time, the floorcleaning machines were heavy with the weight concentrated on the rearwheels. As floor