Cylindrical (Wet Sweeper/Scrubber/Dryer) or Disc (Wet Scrubber-Dryer)?

Generally speaking, the majority of walk-behind floor scrubbers in use today are disc scrubbers. Disc floor scrubbers use two flat pads or brushes that rotate while water is dispensed over each brush to scrub the floor. They typically apply more down force (scrub pressure) and use less water than cylindrical scrubbers. They are also considered more versatile due to the variety of pads (smooth floor) and brushes (concrete/rough floor) available.

Cylindrical Scrubbers differ from rotary (disc) machines in that they use a cylindrical scrub brush system to (wet) sweep small debris into a removable tray, while simultaneously also washing the floor. Two rod-shaped (cylinder) brushes turn in opposite directions for this to happen. Cylindrical scrubbers have a brush speed that is often three times faster the rotation of a disk brush. The downside is that Cylindrical scrub brushes do keep less bristle surface in contact with the floor, but the style of machine is able to pick up a variety of debris & small material from the floor while also washing it.

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