Sweep Before you Scrub for Maximum Floor Scrubbing Performance

Floor sweepers are very helpful in many industrial environments as they quickly and efficiently clean floors, make the workplace safe, and control dust, which helps maintain air quality. Also, industrial floor sweepers are often necessary to keep your business compliant with OSHA standards. However, only using a floor sweeper is not the only maintenance you should be doing for your floors; you also have to consider scrubbing your floors with soap and water at least twice a year. The following will discuss how you should approach floor maintenance: starting with sweeping and following up with a good scrub.

Start With Sweeping

Sweeping is the first task one must complete to maintain a clean workspace and above all else, is very much required for safety. It is also highly recommended for achieving maximum floor scrubbing performance if it precedes a thorough floor scrub.

Although sweeping by hand may be a viable option in smaller workspaces despite it being tedious, a larger industrial environment makes sweeping almost impossible. Instead, businesses need to invest in an industrial floor sweeper to maintain productivity and clean their workspaces in a reasonable amount of time. Floor sweepers are known to clean ten times faster than a person could by hand. Although floor sweepers are an investment, when you factor in labour costs that would be allocated if floors were maintained by hand sweeping, industrial floor sweepers can save hundreds of dollars each month. For those businesses looking to transition from sweeping by hand to a more efficient means of cleaning their floors, consider using a walk-behind or rider floor sweeper. The PowerBoss Atlas industrial sweeper is an example of a floor sweeper that offers heavy-duty cleaning inside and outside of extensive facilities; compact battery-operated Factory Cat 34 maneuvers are also an easy and quiet cleaning through tight spaces.

Follow With Scrubbing

Although sweeping is excellent for removing any surface-level debris, it cannot remove slippery grease and oils from the floor or keep dust levels down without being coupled by scrubbing. The benefits of scrubbing include making the facility look better, which can be great for commercial environments, and it’s the only way to remove slippery materials and maintain dust levels acceptable by OSHA standards.

Tennant floor scrubber-sweeper

Floor scrubbers operate through high-speed rotating pads that help to loosen and scrub dirt and dust, as well as a vacuum system that removes the dirty water into a recovery tank so that floors are cleaned in one pass. Scrubbing picks up ground-in dirt that sweepers concisely miss and help to maintain polished or sealed concrete floors. Without floor scrubbers, the everyday dust and dirt with the foot or forklift traffic wear at the shine of the floors and lead to a less polished aesthetic.

Specifically, businesses with smaller facilities like grocery stores, gyms, and auto dealerships should consider compact auto scrubbers like the Bulldog WD20. However, larger warehouses and factories can often afford a floor scrubber like the Tennant T17, which will save money and time accordingly.

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